Sleeping village

Hello everybody!!! Last week bearing in mind the festivity of Halloween, in third and fourth course we have done a lot of things.

First of all, after watching a «draw my life» video, we have discussed about why this celebration has got such fame. We talked about the origin of the festivity and how its traditions can be seen in the british and american society nowadays. It was a celtic celebration called «Samain» and it supposed the end of the celtic year. In this day, the celtic children went to others homes in order to take fruits and vegetables for the «druids». This tradition has continued over the years until the famous «Trick or treat».

Secondly, we have been playing a mistery game called «Sleeping village«. It is about a small village where strange things happen every night. At the end of every round the citizens must find out who are the responsibles of the people disappearances.

We had a great lesson!! we learnt interesting things about English culture and we really had fun.

The wild kid

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